Free Fire MAX – A renewed version of ‘Free Fire’.

Free Fire MAX

An improved version of ‘Free Fire’ is coming with ‘Garena Free Fire MAX’. This new version is just around the corner and, of course, fans of ‘Free Fire’ are eager to try it.

Below we are going to explain all the details about this new game: what’s new, when you will be able to play it and what requirements you need to install it.

Under this premise, it is obvious that the differences are null in terms of the essence of what characterizes ‘Free Fire’. Even its official description does not leave much to the imagination:

So, if you were expecting big changes beyond aesthetics, unfortunately this is not the case.

Full cross-account compatibility
Being, in essence, the same game, the compatibility between both games is absolute. We will be able to keep our old account and use it to play both versions of the game. If for some reason we cannot play ‘Free Fire MAX’, we will still be able to connect with our teammates thanks to the crossplay with Firelink Technology.

The official release date of ‘Free Fire MAX’ is scheduled for September 28th. It is not known exactly the specific time in each country, so we may not be able to play from early in the morning no matter how eager we are.

When the release takes place, we will be able to download it from the official Google Play and App Store.

APKs, a risky option
Despite the fact that the game’s release is in less than 24 hours, there are many methods to get hold of ‘Free Fire MAX’ ahead of time. These require downloading third-party applications and APKs (packages that install applications) of unknown origin and of dubious reliability. Our advice? Better to wait for its official release and enjoy the game safely without risking a possible ‘hack’ or malware.

These are the requirements to play ‘Free Fire MAX’ on your Android mobile.

Minimum requirements
Processor (CPU): 1.2 GHz dual-core or higher
Operating System: Android 4.4 (Kitkat)
Free storage: 1.8 GB
Recommended requirements
Processor (CPU): 2.0 GHz Octa-Core or higher
Operating system (OS): Android 7 (Nougat)
Free storage: 2.5 GB
Minimum requirements
iPhone 6s
Operating system: iOS 11
Free storage: 2.4 GB
Recommended requirements
iPhone 7s
Operating system: iOS 11
Free storage: 3 GB

If your mobile device cannot handle the increased quality of ‘Free Fire MAX’ or you prefer to play in the comfort of your computer, you should know that it is possible to do so. To do so, follow these steps:

Download the official Bluestacks emulator.
Log in to be able to open Google Play
Search for ‘Garena Free Fire MAX’.

It should be noted that Bluestacks adapts perfectly to any type of game we play and that computer controls are usually much more accurate, so if we want to take ‘Free Fire’ seriously, it would be a very interesting option.

With a somewhat innovative bet, ‘Free Fire MAX’ bets on renewing the whole game. Although we will be able to play between versions and keep our accounts, it is surprising that one of the biggest battle royale wants to ‘divide’ its public in this way. Perhaps in a few years the original version will be abandoned to focus on ‘Free Fire MAX’, but, for the time being, we can enjoy both versions.